Although many maps are available on the web, these are frequently street or political maps.  Listed below are some of the better sites for finding a variety of maps, including those for population and geographic features.


Bureau of the Census – good for population statistics for the United Sates and the various states.


            Click on Census 2000.  Click on American Fact Finder.  Then select the state you want and Population Density. Finally, click on the GO button.


CIA World Fact Book 2001 – good for political maps, some population and geographic maps.


                Select country you are interested in to see which maps are available.


Perry Castaneda Map Collection – The best place for contour/geographic maps of various countries. 


                To put a map in printable format, right click on map, save to hard drive, (documents file is fine.)  Then, open Microsoft Word, insert picture, and find the file of the map.  Stretch map if possible to fill page, and print.  Large maps may have type almost too small to read!


All the World’s Maps – Various maps.  You will need to search the site.



Topo Zone – Topographical maps of the United States.


                Detailed topographical maps, many from the United States Geological Service.


Maps in the News – Mostly political maps.  See site to see what is available.



National Geographic SocietyVarious geographical and contour maps available.




A good place to look for more map sites is The Librarians’ Index to the Internet  Click on geography, then on Maps.  (Also a great site to find good Internet Sites for many other subjects!)