Shoreline Park
Cross Country Course




Course Overview


The course is a full 3 miles.  It contains gradual uphill and gradual downhill grades, with most of the
middle of the course (area the golf course) completely flat.  Most of the final meters are gradual
downhill or flat.  The course surface is mostly dirt under gravel.  There is a 1200-meter stretch in the
back (between 1770 and 3000 meters) where the have added decomposed asphalt. 
Racing flats are not recommended.  It should be a very fast course.



Details on the Course


·         The Start of the course is directly across Amphitheatre Parkway from the Google building. 
The start is the line between the 3 Electrical boxes next to the trail (labeled VC5x) and the
large Landfill Gas box located across the field towards Google.

·         Proceed EAST (uphill) through the field and merge onto the trail at 50 meters.  The VC6x
boxes must remain on your left and the VC7x boxes will be on your right.

·         Proceed up the trail to the top of the rise.  Ignore the trail cutoff to your right that goes downhill. 
The top of the first grade is the 190-meter mark.

·         The trail swings left (NORTH) around the lower portion of the hill to your left.  The Amphitheatre
is directly in front of you and will be on your right when you reach the top of the second upgrade
at 530 meters.

·         At the top there are two trails on your left and one immediately in front of you.  Take the one in
front (downhill).

·         There is a sharp, downhill right turn at the 690-meter mark.  Be careful – the footing is loose. 
Follow the trail markings onto the trail the turns WEST and then EAST.  Take the trail all the way
to the “Candy Cane Poles” (my term; you will see why when you get there) next to the road.

·         Follow the trail onto the road (with the poles to your LEFT) proceeding WEST across the bridge. 
The 1000-meter mark is the entrance to the bridge on the road.

·         Proceed on the road across the creek and continue WEST for 770 meters.  The golf course on
both side of the road.  A golf cart path will cut across the road – keep going on the road.  The
1600-meter mark is at the pole at the entrance to the maintenance area with the Freeway sign on it.

·         You will reach the part of the road the veers hard right (east).  There is a sign indicating the
Freeway is to your right.  There is trail on the left that follows a fence between the maintenance area
and some housing.  Follow the trail NORTH.  Stay all the way to the right.  The 2000-meter mark is
labeled and is at the WB14L box on your right.

·         The trail will eventually curve to the EAST.  Just stay on the trail.  Don’t get off the trail.

·         Prior to reaching the creek turn left (NORTH) and parallel the creek.  This is the natural trail course,
but for some reason some folks want to go elsewhere.  Just follow the trail.

·         At the end of the trail turn right (EAST) back onto the road, cross the bridge and return to the dirt
trail at the “Candy Cane Poles”. (to run the course backwards towards the starting line).  The
3200-meter mark is 7 paces (14 steps) before the poles on the road.

·         Proceed back up the hill the way you came down.  The sharp, uphill left turn is at the 3360-meter mark.

·         Just before reaching the Starting line (190 meters out), turn right (NORTH) and follow the trail slightly
uphill with the hill on the right and the starting line on the left.

·         Continue up the grade for 150 meters, level off for about 100 meters, and go slightly up again for 100
meters.  You can see the finish line on your left from here.

·         Approximately 350 meters from the finish line, make a very sharp, slightly downhill 170-degree turn to
the left.  Be careful of your footing.

·         Proceed down the trail and onto the paved path next to the creek.  The final 70 meters is on the path
heading SOUTH.  The finish line is the on the east side (start) of the patch of new asphalt (4828 meters)
near the red brick building.  The finish shoot will be along the path towards to staging area.




The course is located directly behind (the NORTH) of the Shoreline Amphitheatre, and
across Amphitheatre Parkway from the Google building.

From the North: Take 101 South to the Rengsdorff Ave / Amphitheatre Parkway exit. 
Turn east over the freeway and stay on Amphitheatre Parkway.  The course will be on your
left.  Proceed past the course to Shoreline Boulevard.  Turn left onto Shoreline Boulevard.

From the South: Take 101 North to Shoreline Boulevard.  Exit East.  Take Shoreline all
the way down until you pass the Amphitheatre Parkway.

Parking:  There are two parking places.  The Buses (only) may park in the lot on the EAST
side of course – between the course the Amphitheatre off of Amphitheatre Parkway.
Spectators must park in the lot on the EAST (on your right) side of Shoreline Blvd.

From the parking area proceed on the path adjacent to the Parkway.  The starting line is
about 400 meters from the parking areas.

There is no parking on Amphitheatre Parkway.  Do not park at Google or the dirt
area immediately south of the park next to Google or any other business on the Parkway. 
You will be towed!



Trash:  We will have trash bags for every team and trash bags around the finish area. 
Please help us keep the area clear.  If there is any trash left after this meet, the City of
Mountain View will not let us return to this course.

Spectators:  No spectators are allowed on the course to the West of the finish line.  The course
is narrow.  There are great views of most of the course from the top of the hill overlooking the
starting and finish area.  NO ONE IS ALLOWED ON THE GOLF COURSE! 
Only runners that are racing may cross the bridge at the 3200 meter mark and no one should be
north of the creek on the course unless racing.  Spectators and athletes warming up may use the
PAVED PATH running parallel to the Parkway.

Do not bring: Boom boxes; Anything to throw; Dogs; Sunflower seeds; etc..  Do not throw
rocks or anything else you find.

Toliets:  We have brought in several Port-a-Potties for the event.  They will located near the
finish area.

Water:  Bring some.  We will have water in jugs with cups, but there is no other water on or
near the course.



4611 – Starting Area Looking Across

4609 – Starting Area Looking Out

4612 – Starting Area Marker




4617 – Sharp Turn at 690m

4619 – Onto Road at 950m

4620 – 1600m Mark (Pole)




4621 – End of Road at 1770m

4622 – 2000 Meters

4623 – 2000m Mark




4625 – 3200 Meters

4626 – 4000 Meters

4627 – 4000m Mark





4628 –170-degree Turn at 4500m

4629 – Finish Line


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